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Diane Sophia was born in Boston, 1942, grew up, married, and had her children in the University environs of Berkeley, California. It was a rich environment where people from all over the world gathered to learn, share ideas, make art and music, and live together with tremendous dynamic social energy.

During the 1950s Diane and her two sisters traveled with their parents to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. The people and cultural solutions of the differing geographies informed Diane of answers to the questions of life and contributed to her perspectives, aesthetics, ethics, and character.

Diane's work is about the treasure and mystery that is life. It is about opening a door and participating. It is about touching, feeling, playing, stepping inside and jumping right in. It is about putting things on, moving things around, and trying things out. It is about the worlds within worlds. Love.

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Q: What is Tex doing now ?
A: Eating yummy chocolate for her website, and flinging a feathered cat-pole toy for her three cats.

Q: What is Bert doing now ?
A: Designing pond-scapes.

Q: What is Piggy Piggy Python doing now ?
A: He's a partner in a law firm, with a wife and two daughters.

Q: Where is Oh Papaya ?
A: Clearlake, California.

Q: How do the clouds work ?
A: javascript and zindex.

Q: What colour is the background ?
A: #75d1ff.

Q: Can we advertise on your website ?
A: No, but thank you for asking.

Q: Can we advertise on your website ?
A: No, but thank you for asking.

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